Adventures in Silis


The party has continue to search for the lost hunters and with little luck. During the night in the forest they hear a sound in the forest and go to see what it is. They spot a boar digging up something under the ground. They manage to kill boar and feed it was eating some black stuff under the ground. The take some of the black food and in the pack. Again during the night they hear a scream in the party runs off into the forest and they find a halfling running from some wolves. The halfling manages to climb a tree and sling at some of the wolfs. With the parties help they make short work of the wolves(And not just because their is a Halfing in the party). The have some fun meeting the new Halfing has he is a sneaky person if finds hides from the party. The Warmage in the party manages to hear him in the night but doesn’t see him and loses track of him. The Warmage awakes up the party to the possible danger. Not seeing anything or being attack the last of the party goes back to sleep. After a couple of mins the halfling gets next to the Warmage Says nice to meet you my name is ______. During the night the Rogue halfling manages to steal the Fighter’s mirror. Next day the party hears a strange voice say how dare you enter the forest of the moon people. After walking a bit more they spot and druid and wolf on a hill. The wolf and the druid attack. It is a very hard fight but in the end the party wins, but not with out lose has they have to drink alot of potions and lost of the Warmage to the druid. Has the party help the nearly dead fighter the rogue sneak up and steals a ring off the druid. Nothing happens during the night, but at dawn the fighter and Wizard spots off in the distance a reflection of light off a damaged armor. They not trusting of the rogue walk off look at it they find a journal and it tells them that this is the remains of the hunting party. So then they detect magic and their is nothing in the area other then the Rogue ring in is pocket which has walked over to find party. The party tries to get him to give up the ring but he doesn’t and a fight starts the rogue is knocked out(subdual damage) and the ring is taken. The rogue awakens in a hour and finds it gone he talks and the rogue gives up the ring. On the way back to the town the party spots some wolf tracking them and finds out when they get close they are not wolves but worgs and a very hard fight happens the fighter goes down has does one of the worgs. The Wizard and rogue manage to kill the second worg. That ends are second week of gaming. The party has also gone up to level 3.


We made characters and begun to play a bit.

After meeting up in the bar. The Buzz around town and the Bar was that the hunting party that sent out to help supply the town hasn’t returned and they are now 3 days late. The merchants of Ith where a bit greedy they have purchase almost all the last harvest of food in the region for sell in Silis. The last two years have not been the very good harests anywhere food prices have tripled and the leadership gambled that they would be able to hunt enough to make it though the year.

So the party went to the garrison post to sign up for the mission. They meet a interested female Druid with a broken arm. She told them that she normally goes into the border of Valith and IO-MOCK to collacted a rare flowers with gold and purple petals. Offer of 200 gold to collect 10 pounds for her.

After a full day of travel the party spots some kobolds sneaking up on the party. A fight happens with little problem the party kills all the kobolds. The next night the party is resting the Young Elven ranger spots 4 wolves surrounding the party. He yells for the party to wake up. Both other party members manage to awaken, but wither it was from him yelling or the wolfs bad breath has the wolves have moved into close range surrounding the sleeping members. Much to the suripise of the ranger their where not 4 but 6 wolves surrounding him and his party members. Well the fight was a bit hard, but in the end the party manage to kill the wolves. After a search finds that one of the wolves had a gold ring on is toe.

End of Day 1.

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